lactatingmommy (lactatingmommy) wrote in ccsf,

Moving to San Francisco in autumn.

My girlfriend and I intend on moving to SF in the autumn, mid August to early September. I'll be transferring into City College of San Francisco and she, freshly graduated from an art school with a bachelors in Time Based Media but is also a highly skilled illustrator, plans on finding a job that may or may not be related to her major depending on pay and circumstances involved. Ideally, I'd want to live within bicycling or Vespa-ing distance of school.

We currently live in Columbus, OH. Despite having grown used to paying a mere $300 or so in rent each month here, I've fully accepted the fact that I'll be paying well over three times that amount in SF. At the absolute most, I can afford $1200 but would prefer to pay less for a 1 bd or studio. Some of the neighborhoods I'm considering are the Sunset, Ashbury Haight, and perhaps any other trendy area that is safe.

I gladly welcome any tips and suggestions.
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